Produced by 
Gerylee Polanco – Diana Bustamante-Oscar Ruíz Navia
Oscar Ruíz Navia
Color correction 
2.35 Digital

Every night after work, RAS painted graffiti on different walls of his neighborhood to the east of Cali. During the day is a construction worker and the son of Mary, a sweet mulatto who migrated to the city from the jungle of the Pacific. RAS has not gone back to sleep and is starting to daydream. MARIA suffers from this because you think someone has bewitched and the guy will end in madness. One day RAS loses his job for stealing several jars of paint that had been doing a great mural in the adjacent home lot. Without a weight to help his mother through the city in search of CALVIN , another young graffiti art student who lives a few difficult days after the divorce of her parents and her grandmother suffering from cancer . The boys go aimlessly around the city, like the one wants to miss and not return. Along the way, as two fungi, they pollute the environment of immense freedom.

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