Experimental Gender
The Magical State
Director Sophia Al-Maria
Producer Anna Lena Films
Producer line Carolina Barrera
Editor Leo Parmentier
Music James Kelly
Format 2K
Duration 6 ‘9 “minutes
Release 2017
Color Correction Jose Espinosa
Intermediate Digital 2.35 Digital

The film shows a young native woman speaking Wayuunaiki, a strange ancient language of a matrilineal tribe. Owned by the raw spirit, she releases her rage during the process of refinement. When her family submits her to the judgment of exorcism, her voice becomes a threatening alloglosia weapon, her body bleeds in the iridescent forms of the oil that at the same time reflects the light. When asked does not have any knowledge or identity of its own, instead it launches a prophecy of twinkling swirls, disproportionate in dimensions in relation to the landscape. Half demon, half-heroine, the young woman in the film “The Magical State” is both the substance and the result of mining, it is also a strong metaphor for every woman, every being oppressed, suffocated by the constraints of a forced condition And this violence eventually releases its panic before anyone who crosses its path.

Nadja Argyropoulou, March2017

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