Short film
Director Carlos Gómez
Format Stop Motion
Release 2016
Color Correction José Espinosa
Finalization 2.35 Digital

1. Latin. From which the term “wolf” derives.

2.- Chronic autoimmune disease that affects the connective tissue, characterized by inflammation and tissue damage.

LUPUS is an audiovisual project that rebuilds a red chronicle news: A night watchman who took care of a lot under construction, was devoured by a pack of more than 20 street dogs that roamed the streets of Bosa la Nueva, a marginal neighborhood of Bogota. From this simple but brutal communication, this short film presents an urban landscape that talks about the transformation of the cities and the way in which this transformation deeply affects the beings that inhabit them.

LUPUS tracks the factors that made these tragic events possible and of the complex articulation of their trajectories, for which it focuses on three nuclei: A pack of abandoned dogs that return to a wild state (wolves) and try to claim and protect their Vital territory on the edges of the city. The uncontrolled and indiscriminate expansion of the urbanization that generates enormous marginal zones that cover the sheet of Bogota. The destruction of the image of the vigilante as a reference for private security and territorial control.

At the narrative level, LUPUS proposes a parallel audiovisual development of the central characters (the dogs and the vigilante) and the urban space that serves as a stage (a lot under construction in the city’s outskirts) from a mediated context, marked by The crossing of representations and formats that weave history in a non-linear way, leading the viewer to establish associations and connections that seek to generate a critical look at the current state of Bogota.

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