Puerto Rico
Director Omar Camilo Ramos
Production Yamara Rodríguez Burgos
HD Format
Color Correction Jose Espinosa
Digital Intermediate 2.35 Digital

A young woman writer looks for two things that seem impossible to her. The first
Publish a book and the second, to carry out an event for which it requires the convening of 12 thousand people to realize the biggest hug of the world and thus to break the mark of the world-wide one
Recognized Book of Guinness Records. Achieving it will lead you to reach or be closer to your
freedom. Ileana Torres is a young woman with cerebral perlecia and totally depends on a chair of
Special wheels and your family to do everything in your life. Free yourself from the physical pain that afflicts you for not having the right chair and carrying a message of unity of purpose in order to raise the
Encouragement of many around you are your inspiration. On the way you want to connect
Emotionally with as many people as possible so that through their own witness, be motivated to free themselves from their mental barriers.

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