Documentary Film
Duration 52 Minutes
Director Luis Fernando Villa Botero
Production Company Laberinto Cine y Tv Ltda.
Producer Oscar A Hernández Henao
Format HD
Release March 28, 2016
Color Correction Jose Espinosa
Intermediate Digital 2.35 Digital

The documentary traces the path of faith by exploring the different moments in which faith manifests itself in concrete acts: an urgent need arises to believe, all spirituality is deposited in an image, a rite, a legend, etc. Object of worship, the ritual of faith (rituals, promises, covenants, offerings, penances, exoduses, etc.) is put into operation, the image is venerated, spirituality takes on a power that has no limits, the sanctuary is used periodically Exclusive of that faith, the miracle is expected.

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, la espiritualidad cobra una potencia que no tiene límites, se recurre periódicamente al santuario exclusivo de esa fe, se espera el milagro.

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