Genre Fiction / Drama
Duration 85 min
Director Camila Rodríguez Triana
Production Company Heka Films
Producer Tania Rodríguez Triana
Format HD
Release 2017
Country Colombia – France
Color Correction Jose Espinosa
Intermediate Digital 2.35 Digital

INTERIOR is a documentary that takes place only inside a room of a humble hostel in the center of Cali. Through it, different people who carry their lives on their backs and let them rest for a short time in that space. People temporarily inhabit the room with no intention of leaving anything there, however, something of them is imprinted in the soul of that space, which is forming without ceasing, with each guest who arrives and leaves. INTERIOR portrays that state of change and constant flow that does not cease and leaves us some questions about the lives of those beings, almost specters, who pass briefly through the room. Who are they really? Why do not they ever stop? Why do they run? Why do they suffer? Where do they come from? Where they are going? Why are they there?


2016. Work in Progress post-production award from Bogotá Audiovisual Market BAM.

2015. BAL post-production award from BAFICI, Argentina.

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