Feature Film
Director Lisandro Duque
Executive Producer Anaís Domínguez
Producer Company
Gestionarte Cine
Red Dragon
Color Correction Leonardo Otero
Digital Intermediate 2.35 Digital

It’s the late seventies in a provincial town. Life passes calmly until the suicide of Aimer Zapata disturbs everything. The new extremist parish priest denies Aimer a catholic burial because he has commited suicide, the worst sin of all. The family of the deceased is very religious and defies the authority of the priest by buring Aimer in the catholic cemetery.

Because of this, the priest decides to interdict the church, he wont perform any sacrament until the body is buried elsewhere. Newborns won’t be baptized, there will be no weddings, and the dying won’t receive the extreme unction.

Aimer’s family is harassed by the whole town to move the body to the atheist cemetery. So they decide to turn the table and ask the families of the other suicidals to move the body of their relatives too. Wich are not a few, but have been kept in anonymity.

A dark comedy by the master Lisandro Duque about religious intransigence.



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