Fiction Series
Duration 4 chapters of 24 minutes
Director Ivan Wild
Production Company Wild Movies
Producer Disney Gómez, Diana Lowis, Roberto Flores
Format HD
Premiere to be confirmed
Country Colombia
Color Correction José Espinosa
Intermediate Digital 2-35 Digital

In 2010, the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the history of the Colombian Caribbean Coast occurred when the Canal del Dique was designed and built in the 1950s to retain the waters of the Magdalena River and dry thousands of miles of old swamp making it arable , Broke up leaving an area the size of Switzerland underwater. It is in the midst of this panorama of death and desolation that Laura, after studying journalism abroad, returns to her native Barranquilla and enters to work as a reporter for the newspaper El Caribe. It was in this same newspaper, the most important in the city, that Laura’s father became one of the best journalists of his time until his suicide in 74, when she was just five years old.

Due to her lack of experience and to her condition as a woman, Laura struggles in vain so that the editor-in-chief and her colleagues do not limit her to notes of culture and entertainment, especially to the accustomed stalls and superfluous reports about the carnival. Thus, making a report on the drama of musicians, dancers and folklorists from the affected areas, Laura meets Don Jose, the legendary chief of the Coyongos, one of the most traditional bands in the area. In sympathy with her, Don Jose reveals that, under natural disaster, dark human forces are underneath. “It’s a land issue,” says the old man, inviting her to visit him at his house. The next day, when Laura, accompanied by her faithful companion Alfonso, a photographer from the newspaper, gets to do the story, finds Don Jose hanging from a tree. Suicide, the authorities take no time or desire to investigate. However, Laura knows that it could not be so, and that someone took a lot of trouble to murder him.

This is the beginning of a vertiginous and risky investigation that takes to the young woman to the entrails of the beast, where the corruption and decay of the human soul knows no limits. Much will be his pain when he discovers that the thread of his searches leads him to his own family. Having defied forces worse than those of nature, Laura will have to, for the second time, go into exile with the only glory of having known the truth about death, and the life, of her father. All this will happen before the party.

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