Documentary Film
Duration Feature Length
Director Clare Weiskopf
Production Company Casatarántula
Producer Nicolas Van Helmelryck
Format HD
Release 2017
Country Colombia
Color Correction José Espinosa
Intermediate Digital 2.35 Digital

After the tragic death of her eldest daughter, Val embarks on a trip to the Colombian jungle seeking to overcome her mourning and find herself leaving behind her other children and her family. Clare, the director of this documentary and daughter of Val, was 11 when those events occurred. It has been a long time and Clare, pregnant, decides to confront with his mother the traces of that decision. What was Val looking for? Did you think about the consequences that separation would bring to others? The encounter of mother and daughter, not without tensions and reproaches, reveals two personalities that collide, but, at the same time, a bond that unites them in their condition of women who ask for the sense of being mothers, for the responsibility and The craving for freedom, for the sense or the trap that hides behind the idea of ​​motherhood as a sacrifice. A frank and illuminating portrait of a moment of two women, in which the whole previous journey of their lives takes on a new meaning.

FICCI 2017 – EGEDA Audience Award

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