Documentary film
Produced by Pathos Audiovisual
Director Patricia Ayala
Release 2015
Color Correction 2.35 Digital

In Colombia, important issues pass through the land. That is why, two years ago, a law was passed that sows at the same time, hope and distrust, a strange law that neither the left nor the right likes. The postulate is simple but ambitious: a process of restitution, that without the protection of the law would take 10 years, will not delay more than one. In a year, a person who applies to the law, will be returned the land that they have stolen.

Based on this premise, this film tells the first year of the implementation of the land restitution law in Colombia, based on a community that applies to this process. Over the course of a year we will face endless paperwork, technical arguments, document search, lethargy and waiting. Of course, there will also be the pomp and celebration, typical of institutional settings. In the midst of all the earth, the despoiled and a people that will seem suspended in time.

A land issue explores the tensions that arise when two opposing worlds coexist, side by side, as if it were a natural law or a design of the gods: that of those who enforce the rules of the game and, on the other hand, that of Those who, despite deceit and hopelessness, have learned to keep their dignity intact. The result of these tensions in a Kafkaesque universe, in which this law seems to be a door that opens only to show that no one can pass through it.

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