Documentary film
Duration 96 minutes
Director Lissette Orozco
Executive Producer Gabriela Sandoval, Carlos Núñez and Benjamin Band.
Producer Salmon Productions, Storyboard Media
Co-producers Ursus Film, La Post, 2.35 and Carnada Films.
Format HD
Release 2017
Color Correction José Espinosa
Intermediate Digital 2.35 Digital
Country Chile

As a child I had an idol: my Aunt Adriana. In 2007, she was detained and I learned that in her youth she worked for DINA, the secret police of dictator Pinochet. Later, in a democracy, he fled the country while facing a judicial process for the murder of a prominent communist leader. My aunt is living a nightmare today. In Australia the Chilean residents request their extradition and they march against her. The case has become mediatic. I did not realize how I got involved in his terrible past and now I am part of his delusional present. I have a privileged access to the victimarios of the dictatorship and I am ready to arrive at the last consequences to know the truth and to know who is really my aunt Adriana.

Berlinale: La Paz Award. Special jury prize at the International Film Festival in Guadalajara. SIGNIS Prize at the Latin Festival in Toulouse.

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