Directed by Carlos Mario Urrea and David Muñoz
Produced by Canal Capital / secretariat of education
Release 2014
Format Red epic
Color Correction 2.35 Digital

School principal Pablo Carbonell has struggled to get a grant to fund a pre-ICFES program for her 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students. He has succeeded in having the program approved by the Academic Council. It has not been an easy task, but you know that a better score on the ICFES exam

It could mean for your students a better chance of getting a college seat.

But most of them think differently. They do not believe in standardized tests, education focused on memorizing data, and think that the ICFES score is the least. The reality is that, even if they get the quota, they probably will not be able to pay for college. And they are not the only ones who think about it. Some teachers agree, but it is more difficult for them to fight against a system of which they are part.

Pre-ICFES schedules are intense, and students lose patience quickly. Grades 9o, 10o and 11o go on strike; Require a change in the educational model: a teaching more in line with their reality and more useful for their lives. The rector gives in, because in the end I would also like to bring about a change. They agree to carry out an educational experiment for 2 weeks in which the students will have control of the contents, but commit themselves to continue attending the pre-ICFES.

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